Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Double the trouble part 2

Recently I've started watching Awkward. It's a nice series to watch while I'm waiting for the next episode of New Girl to come out. In short: It's about this Girl Jenna who becomes really interesting to her schoolmates after she had an accident which people mistake for a suicide attempt. But actually this is only what the first few episodes are about. After that the show focuses on Jenna's relationship with the popular armpit-sniffer Matty mcKibben. Anyway, she has this really awkward guidance counselor which she has to see and before I looked up the show I was convinced that she was played by Samantha Who's Christina Applegate. The resemblance is striking!

                          Left: Christina Applegate              Right: Desi Lydic (counselor on Awkward.)

Anyway, you should check this show out it's really funny and entertaining. Plus the episodes are only twenty minutes long, so you'll go through the seasons really fast!

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