Sunday, February 27, 2011

My hat makes people smile

I have received some weird looks while wearing this hat, not to mention a group of annoying, 12-year-olds laughing histirically at me, but most of the time it makes people smile. I tend to forget that I'm wearing it when I'm wearing this hat and then I start wondering why all those people are smiling at me. But it's nice, it makes the world seem a friendlier place. I am quite concerned about all the people who don't recognize what animal it is though, come on people I know we're not living in Australia, but surely a mouse, squirrel or rabbit doesn't look like this?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hurricane Festival


Oh my, look at the line-up of the Hurricane Festival in Germany. It's perfect! (L)

I so would looooove to go there, but it's June 15th-19th and June 20th the resits for our exams start. Not so perfect timing. Man, I hate school. It messes up all my plans, I can't go to the USA because of the exams and now I have to miss the festival which will probably have the best line-up of the next five years (for me anyways)... This.Sucks.Bad.