Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pinkpop 2011: Review

After a lot of thinking I have decided on my top 5 for pinkpop festival. It was hard to decide, and not because all bands were so great that I couldn't decide who were the best, it was hard because I feel that there actually weren't a lot of bands who were top five worthy (I was actually dissapointed in Lifehouse, all their material sounds the same, and I left early at Band Of Horses because it was too hot in the tent and they couldn't hold my attention). And of some of the bands that probably were top five worthy I didn't attend the show because I just couldn't stand on my feet anymore. (My friends told me Deadmau5 was awesome, it really sucks I missed out on him!) I HATE vans! Mental note: find better shoes before you go to Indietracks!

So here it goes, my top five:

5. Two Door Cinema Club
This is one of the bands who actually isn't top five worthy based on their performance, but I had a lot of fun at their concert and they make great music so it still is in my top five. And it was the only performance where I got to stand in the area closest to the stage. The main problem with them is that they don't perform, they go on stage, play their songs, sound great (exactly like the cd!), but there is no energy or connection with the audience. They could just as well have been playing the cd, we were dancing with our backs facing the stage anyway...

4. Kaiser Chiefs
Now here is a band Two Door Cinema Club could learn from! Yes, they have been playing almost every festival for the past few years, but it's not hard to understand why! What a performance! So much energy! Their singer really knows how to entertain a crowd, throwing his tambourine in the air and twice jumping of the stage to run through the audience.

3. Wolfmother
I watched them all the way from the back because we just returned from Justin Nozuka (who was okay by the way, I liked the songs he played with the band, the rest was a bit boring. And he kept doing these weird dances) and were kind of starving. But even from there you could witness the party that was going on! I felt like I was back in time and seeing an oldschool rock concert, sweaty people, bear, crowdsurfing and a lot of hair!

2. Selah Sue
I had really been looking forward to this concert all day and it was really really great! It was in the tent stage which was filled completely, it seemed like all tall people had gathered at this concert, it was impossible to see the stage and because this was the only stage without screens I only saw little glimpses of Selah Sue. But man can she sing! I wish I had her voice! (and her hair) We danced our asses off! The only negative comment I have is that she played FyahFyah acoustic which was a shame, I like the album version better, more danceable.

1. Foo Fighters
I never listened to the Foo Fighters, but after seeing them live I will start listening to them! Selah Sue had been holding the number one spot for the entire weekend 'till the Foo Fighters came a long. Let me tell you: they wiped the floor with BOTH Coldplay (who showed up 20 minutes late) and Kings Of Leon. It was the best performance I have ever seen! You could just feel (and see) that they enjoyed being up there just as much as we enjoyed watching them. They didn't have fireworks, or confetti, or laser beams like Coldplay, but they didn't need any of this to give an amazing show! After one and a half hour Dave Grohl announced that he just wasn't fucking done yet, so they continued to play for another 30 minutes (hah, take that Coldplay!) and that it rained a bit bothered no-one. Especially not when Dave Grohl pointed out that this was the first time in his life that he had seen a rainbow at a rock-concert! The cameraman seemed to think that the band only consisted out of Dave Grohl and the dummer though, it would have been nice if he had filmed the others as well from time to time.

Not in this list but I would still like to mention: Simple plan, I only saw a small part of their performance but it was very energetic and looked like a lot of fun, and Tim Knol, he is awesome. I defenitely want a Tim Knol is vet t-shirt! Oh and can I just say that the pinkpop crowd was the least musically talented crowd I have ever seen? They couldn't even clap their hands at the right time!

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