Saturday, June 18, 2011


I passed all my final exams! I didn't even have any insufficients! AWESOME.
Now I have total freedom to figure out what to after the summer! I was thinking of going to Nepal. Or I might attend the Holi festival in India. I really want to experience that once...

For now I can pick a gift for my exams. I was thinking of getting custom made earplugs to protect my hearing when going to concerts and festivals, since I would like to keep my hearing and the last pair I owned I lost at Pinkpop (I couldn't get them out of my ears anymore and had to go to First Aid. Let me tell you, the doctors had a hard time trying not to laugh). But then again I wouldn't mind owning a nice pair of Dr. Martens either, especially since they are supposed to walk great, so they would be an improvement on my Vans for the next festival...

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