Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Voice

After three seasons of Idols I was so done with talentshows. I never watched any of the three seasons of Popstars (although I have to admit that I did watch Popstars - The Rivals in which they formed a girl group and a boy band, but that was back when I was twelf so I should be forgiven). I did not watch X-factor, which was on for three seasons too, neither did I watch Holland's Got Talent.

But two weeks ago my father and I were watching De Wereld Draait Door in which the judges of the new talentshow "The Voice" came to talk about the concept of the show. It was supposed to be an entirenly new concept, all the candidates would be already preselected before appearing in front of the judges which would make sure that they could sing. Then the judges would sit with their back towards the person who is auditioning in order to judge entirenly on the voice and not on the appearance of the candidate. Once they like a voice they will push a button and their chair will turn around, if more than one judge pushes the button the candidate can pick with which judge he or she wants to team up.

The judges of this show are: Jeroen van der Boem, Angela Groothuizen, Nick & Simon and Van Velzen. And it seemed to me that Van Velzen is far-out the most popular judge, because almost each time a candidate gets given the chance to choose between judges he or she will end up with Van Velzen. So last night I watched some videos of the judges on Youtube and I can say that I fully understand the choice of the candidates for Van Velzen. He's the only one making kind of OK music in my opinion.

See for yourself:

Van Velzen. I find him a very funny guy by the way, being so small and all.

Jeroen van der Boom. My brother showed me a video of the original Spanish version of this song, but I don't remembered what it was called.

Nick & Simon. My name being Rosanna people have sung this song a lot for me, nevertheless I had never taken the time to watch the original. Now that I have I can say I find it hilarious, I mean come on, doesn't this sound like circus music to you?

A very old song of Angela Groothuizen.

I like the concept although I do think it has some flaws. Every judge can select 11 candidates for their team in five audition days. But if you have never heard those voices before because someone else did the preselection, how can you know that you pick the best singers? After all you haven't heard everything yet, after you have picked your 11 candidates there might come in someone with a extraordinary voice. That would suck right?

Anyway, since two weeks ago Friday night equals watching The Voice for me and my dad. Because in contrary to shows like Idols and X-factor the candidates in this show can actually sing, and that's a huge improvement!

Have you watched The Voice?

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