Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey DJ! We're the kids from the radio!

Last week I went to see Go Back To The Zoo at Paradiso together with two friends. We already bought our tickets in May, at that time I did not know yet that I would see them play at Lowlands festival as well. At Lowlands I thought they were okay, but in Paradiso I enjoyed seeing them very much. The only downside to their performance was that it lasted for only an hour, which is VERY short in my opinion.

They played in the "kleine zaal", the small concert hall of Paradiso, which is very small. My friends and me were standing right in front of the stage which means that if we would have had a good camera we could have made amazing photographs, but we didn't so you'll have to with those and the videos with crappy sound. They are good to show the athmosphere though. And I have never really understood those people who go to concerts and then stand still for the entire concert while they are filming and taking pictures, how can you enjoy it then? Isn't a concert much more fun when you are dancing, singing along and jumping around?

Beam Me Up (check the guy who's crowdsurfing at the end ;) )

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  1. How nice that you went to Go Back To The Zoo! I really enjoy listening to their music:) I've been in Paradiso two weeks ago at the Brandon Flowers concert, happily for me he played in the "Grote Zaal", but after his concert we went to the "Kleine Zaal" also, to check out another concert. It was really small;) Tonight I'll go to a concert at Tivoli (Utrecht), and Go Back To The Zoo will have two concerts in Tivoli january/february 2011, so maybe I'll have a chance to see them too.

    XOXO Andy-And Me from