Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's my age again?

My party was very much fun (in my opinion at least). Everyone came dressed up like someon famous. Myself I had a hard time choosing who I wanted to be. In the end it came down to Amy Winehouse or I Blame Coco. More people would probably recognize Amy, but I'm no fan of hers (she does have a great voice of course) and I thought I Blame Coco would be easier, so I ended up being Coco for the night.

Who else attended? Jack Sparrow + Boyfriend, Florence (without the machine), Henk Jan Smits (a judge of the Dutch Idols and X-factor), Audrey Hepburn, Mario (the character from the video game), Britney Spears, Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett.
And guess what my friends gave me? A piñata! Hmmmm... Well, your friends are the ones who share the same ideas and thoughts right? Anyway, their piñata was a teddybear stuffed with candy which I had to rip open with a knife while being blindfolded. Apparently I cut him right in the butt, I couldn't see it but my friends thought it was hilarious.

"My" piñata was pink with a picture of Geert Wilders on it and the text "Hit Wilders - Get Candy". I thought it would be nice to stay in the theme of famous people, but then someone famous I do not like. The piñata was a bit too strong though and my friends ended up throwing it through my house in order to break it. Great fun (and a huge mess when it finally bursted open).

Futhermore we had a waterfight, did (extreme) Twister, drank, did puppet shows, danced, laughed and just had a lot of fun. Oh and my cake had a picture of me when I was eleven and dressed-up as a pirate on it! No, eighteen defenitely does NOT mean grown-up.

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