Saturday, September 4, 2010

And party and party and p-p-p-p-party

Since no one who reads this (who reads this?) knows where I live, I think I can safely declare that I'm throwing a party for my 18th birthday (which was a while back) tonight, without all kind of strangers showing up on my doorstep.

I hope it will be just as fun as Katy Perry's 25th birthday looks! She had a big cake and eatable paint fight, now that's the way to celebrate your birthday! :D

I'll let you know how it was. I filled my piƱata with candy yesterday, it has a bit of a weird shape but furthermore I think it turned out quite good :)

UPDATE: The party was very much fun. This morning not so much though... But I'm starting to feel better already, now I just have to clean up the house... Expect a post with foto's in the next couple of days ;)

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