Monday, August 23, 2010

Lowlands 2010

Yesterday night I returned from Lowlands of which I will post pictures later. I used cheap-ass disposable cameras which I found with still twelf photos left on them to make pictures (always fun to see what pictures others already made (PORN, no probably not)) and at the store they told me that it will probably take uptill Saturday to develop the pictures. Since I don't have a digital camera there won't be any shaky hand-filmed videos of my own making either.

For now my Lowlands Top Five:

5. Snow Patrol / Moss It's a tie between those two. I really enjoyed Snow Patrol, even though I was a bit far gone (I could really feel those vodka-orange juice mixes I had drunken), it really made me happy. And they ended their show by showing Snow Patrol "heart" Lowlands on the screens, so cute! But the final song Moss played was genious (a cover of Silent Shout from The Knife). Check the video at 4:29, unfortunately this was the best recording I could find of it.

4. The Ting Tings After 3Oh3! the best party I had. Shut up and let me go, hey!

3. Mumford & Sons I only went there because my friend really wanted to, because apart from Little Lion Man their music could never really hold my attention. Live they were great however. The entire tent was jumping to a band which has only one bass-drum as beat! Quite an accomplishment! Also the guitarist and the keyboardist were very cute. I am so glad I went. I still think a lot of their songs sound alike though.

2. Yeasayer I had never listened to this band before, but now I'm seriously considering buying a ticket for their concert at the Melkweg to see them again. They were amazing, an amazing live experience!

1. 3Oh3! Although I like the songs L.O.V.E and Don't Trust Me, I actually always skip this duo when it appears in my iTunes-DJ mix. Their performance was the best party of the weekend though, they were full of energy and I had a blast putting my hands up in the air and screaming "FUCK THE DJ".

Marina and the Diamonds, the artist after whose song this blog was named, was a bit of a dissapointment sadly. Her voice was great, but she should think her setlist over again: three slow songs after each other made me loose my enthusiasm. And may I mention that the bass player of The Kooks is very cute? :)

(picture not of the performance I saw)

I'll replacing pictures with videos once they're up on youtube ;)
Have you been to Lowlands and what concert did you like most?

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