Saturday, August 28, 2010

I wear my sunglasses at night

Well at Lowlands people also wore their sunglasses in the morning when there was no sun. Yeah, partying is tough. Not that I did much of it (at night at least). While laying in my tent I heard someone say that there was some kind of rule that people who go to bed at Lowlands before 3 p.m. are gay. So according to that rule I must be very gay.

The most-wearn sunglasses at Lowlands must have been Rayban look-a-likes. I own a pair of those myself. And the minute I walked onto the festival terrain I had lost them. (Later they magically appeared in my tent. Very weird.) So I decided to buy a new pair at one of the stands. And guess what kind I bought? :D

My parents already flinched when they saw them like this. But little did they know that they also can... OPEN!

Aren't they genious?


  1. ik deed dat met photoshop cs3.
    Nog steeds een crappy uitwerking maargoed..