Friday, September 23, 2011

I think I'll have to move to Berlin

To Kreuzberg to be precise. That was the neigbourhood where the festival took place, it's supposed to be kind of the alternative, hip neighbourhood. I really liked it there. My mom told me that when she visited Berlin for the last time (in the 80s or 90s probably) there were still lots of squatters (used a dictionary, hope this is the right word) there. 

Must-make picture when in Berlin.

I was so tired from my night in the Eurolines bus that the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. And it was really hot that day. The hat provided some shadow.

A really extensive exposition about the rise and fall of the Nazi regime. I didn't make it to the end though. It was simply to hot out in the sun.

Had to make this picture for my friend who is a huge chili pepper fan.

Friday night we found this street musician. He was quite good an covered some Jamie Cullum songs (instant love of course!) so we watched hime for about two hours together with some strangers and drank cider. It was still a warm evening. Great night.

Harry Potter lego. How awesome is that? 


There were so many demonstrations in Berlin! Didn't get what they were for. Lots of police though.

The famous words: "Ich bin ein Berliner"

So funny! Found this in the Stasi museum. This man sent in his disguises for approvel. Is it me or are they really bad?

Kreuzberg <3

Pretty huh?

I love it how there is always something going on in Berlin :)

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  1. I've heard so many amazing things about Berlin...the culture, style, events, people... I really want to visit! Thx for sharing these pics :)

    xx, Ally