Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cardboard Cut-Out Take 1

Back in February we had to write a song in our music class at school. Since my love-life is kind of non-existant and all songs are about love according to my music teacher, I decided to write a song about crazy Twilight fans. I had recently discovered and was cracking up about all those obsessive fans who would take their cardboard cut-out of Edward Cullen everywhere. So I wrote a song called "Cardboard Cut-Out" about a girl whose entire life is this cardboard Edward doll. I'm not a very good singer so I was quite happy with the grade I received for my song (an 8). Anyway, I immediately thought it would be funny to make a music video for this song. So I made a lifesize cardboard cut-out of Edward, which ended up being a bit smaller than intended, and today I finally started filming with some help of a friend. It felt very random to walk around carrying a cardboard cut-out under your arm and I had no idea what I should do with it, but we did some OK shots at least. It will most likely take some weeks before the video will be up on Youtube because the amount of editing I have to do is horrifying but it's a fun project. Here are some pictures of today:

Eva carrying Edward

Screenshot musicvideo

Edward and I are enjoying the weather (yeah I know he is not supposed to go out into the sunlight, blah blah)

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